Sheriff Sales and Foreclosures

Information on Sheriff Sales

Monthly sales are the product of foreclosures by lending institutions. 

The Sheriff's Office does not and cannot act as a real-estate agent and does not have detailed property descriptions available, with the exception of the legal boundaries published with the notice of sale.

Sales generally occur on the last Wednesday of each month. Sales will be conducted in the training room of the Sheriff's Office  Administration building, located at 26861 C.R. 26 (parking is available on the south side of the building, close to the training entrance). Doors will open at 10:30am, with the official sale starting at 11:00am. 

Bidders do not need to register in advance. Payments are due the same day as the sale, no later than 3:00PM.

Details of sheriff's role in the foreclosure process and other information is available in our brochure. For more information, please contact the Sheriff's Sale coordinator.