We Remember

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Each year in May, law enforcement agencies across the country pause to remember the lives and legacies of officers killed in the line of duty. The solemn events at the national memorial in Washington, where the names of the fallen are etched in marble, are echoed in local ceremonies.


Williard S. Burton (1888)
Oren M. Shelmadine (1920)
Henry W. Wentz (1924)
Douglas M. Adams (2001)


Thomas E. Goodwin (1998)


Brant "Butch" Nine (1988)

St. Joseph County

James W. Mumford (1962)


Clarence Casper (1930)

Bryan S. Verkler (2003)

Thomas Roberts (2003)

James Szuba (2010)

South Bend

Oscar Christensen (1886)

Samuel Cooper (1900)

Lewis Keller (1908)

Hans B. Brandt (1916)

Fred E. Buhland (1921)

Neil McIntyre (1923)

Lloyd L. Thompson (1932)

Charles E. Farkas Sr. (1933)

Delbert Thompson (1933)

Howard C. Wagner (1934)

Ronald St. Germain (1967)

Thomas J. DeRue Sr. (1974)

Paul R. Deguch (1997)

Scott Severns (2006)

Nick Polizzotto (2007)

Indiana State Police

Richard F. England (1942)

Donald R. Turner (1956)

David A. Deuter (1998)

Richard T. Gaston (1999)

Jason E. Beal (2000)

Kosciusko County

Phillip D. Hochstetler (1994)

Jeffery B. Shaw (2009)

Lagrange County

Harry Spice (1937)

Gregory O. Cushing (1995)

To Learn More

For more information about officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, please visit the  Officer Down Memorial.