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Frequently Asked Questions about Filing a Report Online

The following are a list of common questions about filling a report online. To expand a section, click the + or the question to view the answer.

Reporting options for crimes have been expanded to include stolen property, damaged property, damaged vehicles, theft from vehicles, identity theft, theft from a bank account, and credit card fraud or fraudulent electronic bank transfers (EBT).

If you are reporting a mail or package theft, in addition to filling out an online report, the following links may be helpful:

Information about criminal mischief and vandalism is valuable for our officers, not just in investigating the particular crime, but knowing more about what activities are occurring in neighborhoods throughout Elkhart County. Details from all reports received are shared by our officers, who may increase their presence in areas with ongoing issues. Online filings are treated no differently than when an officer speaks with someone in person. A criminal file is created and the information is reviewed by detectives. As with every case, the amount of information provided by the victim determines whether a case can be solved and prosecuted.

We ask for this information for our tracking purposes, so we may give the most complete information possible to the prosecutor's office for the identification of all parties involved in a case.

If a resident wishes, an officer will be sent to take the report. Please consider, though, your time and tax dollars. The road officer's first priority is the emergency call, and a minor theft or vandalism complaint may not be addressed immediately if other requests are more urgent in nature. As far as savings, the sheriff's office is able to show a savings of more than $39,000 annually just by conserving gasoline and time. As the number of online reports increases, so do the savings.

After the report is entered into our computer system, the victim will be contacted, generally by email, with a case number. That eight-digit number is used to access the most current information about the case, so please keep it handy for any additional contact with an officer or detective. Also, the number may be used to obtain a copy of the official report from our records office, if it is necessary for personal records or insurance purposes.

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If you still have unanswered questions or want to report problems with the online report system, please contact Capt. Michael Culp at